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About All In 18

  • What is All In 18?

    All In 18 is an online exercise program that you can complete in 18 minutes per day, six times a week, to get your fittest body yet. It was created by personal trainer and international Women’s Health fitness expert Idalis Velazquez, in conjunction with Women’s Health, and is based on years of journal-backed research. When you purchase All in 18, you also get access to a 21-day meal plan.

  • What workouts are contained in All In 18?

    There are six different 18-minute workouts and 2 bonus 10-minute workouts. Some workouts are designed as total-body fat burners, others tone specific body parts, like your core or your glutes. The series targets the areas women tend to struggle with most: thighs, stomach, bum and backs of the arms.

  • What equipment do I need to complete the workouts?

    All you need is a light pair of dumbbells and a mini resistance band.

  • What is the downloadable Meal Plan?

    Your downloadable All In 18 Meal Plan is an easy-to-follow guide to eating healthy, perfectly portioned meals and snacks for amazing results! 60+ recipes, weekly shopping lists, and daily menus designed to help you lose maximum fat and build lean muscle.

  • What is the downloadable 42-day Fat Burner calendar?

    The calendar helps you complete one 18-minute workout each day, six days a week, for a 42-day body transformation. Twice a week, tack on a 10-minute Bonus Burner to turbocharge your results, and don’t forget to leave one day for rest!

  • What if I am not able to complete some of the exercises?

    There are exercise modifications for every level. Three trainers lead the workouts in All In 18: the lead trainer, Idalis, along with Holly and Christina. Follow Idalis if you’re comfortable with her pace; follow Holly, who modifies the exercises, if you’re struggling to keep up; and follow Christina if you want to go ALL IN!

  • Who is Idalis Velazquez?

    Idalis Velazquez, our international Women’s Health fitness expert, is a personal trainer, business owner and former track athlete. She is an expert in fat-loss training and total-body fitness, and created All In 18 after being sidelined by a neck injury and experiencing issues during her second pregnancy. “I was going to endless medical appointments, feeling frustrated and unhealthy. I couldn’t see the strong, capable woman I used to be,” she says. “I got tired of listening to all the things I couldn’t do, so I studied and found my own way to get fitter and stronger than before.” Idalis specialises in fast, efficient and effective workouts that help busy women get the results they want in the time they have.

  • What results can I expect if I follow the All In 18 exercise program?

    All in 18 can help you shed weight and develop a fit, strong, toned-all-over body. It’ll help you feel as good as you look.


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